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Our Menu

Freshness is the key!

We are passionate about crafting delicious street food using our region's finest ingredients.


Locally sourced vegetables, top-quality meats, wild-caught fish, and fresh herbs combine to create dishes that are bursting with flavour. 


Dive in and experience great, nutritious, tasty delights.

Curry Rice Bowls:

Asian style rice with our curry sauce of the day, topped with fresh full of goodness micro greens.

Chicken Curry Royale

Our version of a chicken curry dinner.


Squid Steak

Wild caught Squid Steak.



Shrimp Curry



Greek style falafel


Fish & Chips:

Fish dinners are served with our famous Double Dutch Fries, tartar sauce & a small side.

Atlantic Cod

Wild caught cod, lightly dusted fried golden.



Lightly dusted fried shrimp.


Squid Steak

Our famous flash fried Squid Steak.


2 piece fish re-order

Want more fish? Re-order 2 more fillets


Just a Cone 'o' Fries

Our famous Double Dutch fries





Cheeky Chicken:

These lightly dusted fryer thighs are cooked from fresh and are served with our famous Double Dutch fries.

Half of a pound

Why did the Chicken cross the road?


One whole pound

Winner winner BIG Chicken Dinner.


Choose your Sauce:

• Satay (Dutch/Indo Peanut sauce)
• Curry sauce of the day
• Creamy Buffalo
• Buffalo Blue Cheese
• Garlic Aioli

(1 sauce served per portion, extra sauce charged at 0.50 per 2oz cup.)



Our Salads are organic with local greens from Lakeview Hill Farm & Market!
They might change daily depending on local produce availability.

House salad

Nice simple salad of local greens, micro greens, and vegetables, dressed with our house vinaigrette.


Seafood Salad

Our house salad loaded with lightly dusted flash fried seafood of your choice, garnished with micro greens.
Choose from: Cod, Squid or Shrimp


Chicken Salad

Lightly dusted, seasoned fried chicken thighs on today's house salad topped with micro greens.



These are for little humans under the age of 12

Kids dinner

Any of our meals in kids size


6% Michigan Sales Tax not included. Prices are subject to change.

Ask our staff about any of our menu items that you want cooked to your specific taste—raw even, if that's what you fancy.

But beware: consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illnesses.

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