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Smiling in a Food Truck

Our story

Our wanderlust and a shared love of food led us on a culinary adventure across the globe. From bustling night markets in Europe to sizzling street corners in South-East Asia, we savored the world's flavors.


Now, we're bringing our international experience right to your plate with our De Food Truck.

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De Food Truck head chef Toby Dunne was born and raised in The Netherlands. His love of cooking emerged early in his life. A love that keeps growing to this day.


After graduating high school in 1997, he fast-tracked a four-year cheffing degree and qualified early in 1999. For the next few years, Toby worked at several high-end Dutch restaurants before deciding to travel in pursuit of international experience.
After working as a chef in Belgium, France, Spain, Australia, and the Canary Islands, Toby moved to the UK in 2006 where he started his first Food Truck and catering company. In 2010 the company acquired a liquor license, adding a full-service mobile bar to their fledgeling company. In 2012, he met Jo, a gorgeous, fiery, straight-talking Traverse City lass living in Birmingham, UK — his future wife and the love of his life! She joined the food truck and catering company a few months later. 


Their culinary prowess knew no bounds. They crafted menus that were a fusion of influences from all over the world. From cooking at street food markets to providing crew catering and food for weddings and even delivering high-end, full-service pop-ups, they showcased their versatility and adaptability in every venture.

In 2014, Toby and Jo downsized to one unit and started Muy Loco Tacos, concentrating on street food only. Muy Loco Tacos was a huge success. Serving the craziest tacos in the industry was a lot of fun.

In early 2016, they travelled all over Asia, eating and learning to cook incredible Asian food before returning to the States and settling in Benzie County.

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Toby gently eased himself back into cooking by working for several local restaurants in the Traverse City area.

In 2019, Toby and Jo relaunched Muy Loco Tacos in Frankfort. They again started serving the community nacho-average tacos, including squid steak, emu, German schnitzels, and buttermilk fried chicken. 

After two seasons, they had to sell up due to Toby's health issues. But don't worry, he's okay now. For a couple of years, they had to diversify by providing affordable local housing and summer rentals. During this period, Toby even had a short stint in management at the Benzie Transportation Authority.


Once Toby's health improved, and improve it did, the itch to return to cooking became too great to ignore. He desperately wanted to get back to what he loved the most - to feed the world with awesome food! 

De Food Truck now serves 101% gluten-free food year-round.

We can't wait to share our global flavors with you!  Come find us roaming the streets, or follow us on social media to track us down. Rain or shine, we continue on our mission of serving great food and great service.

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